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Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Doris Draper (‘Auntie Doris’)


22 September 2014

You wanted to know if people had relatives buried in the cemetery.

My Auntie Doris is buried in the upper cemetery near the steps. She died of diphtheria at 8 years old at the ALBURY isolation hospital.

She was the 7th daughter of Maud Elizabeth and Herbert Draper, one of 10 children, who lived at 17 Curtis Way. My Mum was also in the isolation hospital with Diphtheria. She survived and lives today at Lombardy Drive aged 88. There is a headstone that marks my Auntie’s death.

I also have a great great uncle also buried in the upper cemetery. He has no headstone – there used to be a wooden cross years ago. He fought in the Boer War and could have become a Chelsea Pensioner but for the Second World War. He was bombed out of London and turned up at my Nanny’s house, 17 Curtis Way. My Nanny was a remarkable women she never turned anyone away even with nine surviving children. She had a succession of relatives who turned up having been bombed out of London. Great great uncle lived in their front room for a long while. He loved Berkhamsted and walking along the canal. His name was George Mash.

Best wishes

Julie Jackson

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