The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Bull, Annie and Anthony


Annie and Anthony Bull, born on 21st July 1944 are in an unmarked grave near top of children’s area in the Cemetery along the upper East wall.

The burials of Anthony and Anne Bull are recorded in the Burial Register on 22nd July 1944. Age at time of death is recorded as 9 hours for Anthony and 8 hours for Anne. The address at the time of death was given as 58 Woodlands Avenue.   They were born a little early, Hemel Hempstead Hospital was full of service people.

Mrs Mowbray, their older sister,  was 6 at the time, and remembers coming home from school at lunchtime to the house in Woodlands Avenue and seeing the twins alive with her mother in bed. When she came back in the evening they had ‘gone to heaven’.

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