The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Burge, Bruce 1895 -1992; Elsie 1903 – 1990; Rosemary 1931 -1938

Grave Number 302

Bruce married Elsie (nee Nappe) in 1926 at Richmond. He served in the Border Regiment in the First World War.  

Bruce and Elsie’s daughter Rosemary lived for only 7 years.  The bill from HJ Matthews Ltd, dated March 1938 for £30 2s details the following:

Funeral of the late Rosemary Elsie Burge

Oak coffin with capping & plinth unpolished trimmed with good Brass furniture. Name plate with Inscription & lid ornaments lined with Swansdown, Side sheets & pillow. Paid men as bearers & attendance.

Hire of Saloon Hearse

Hire of 2 Funeral cars.

Paid Grave & Burial Fees on Terrace (for 4) at Berkhamsted.


Bruce was an architect,  qualifying in 1914[1] and designed the elegant ‘Dutch’ Houses around the Bridgewater Road area. They themselves lived at Castle Hill Cottage, 4 Brownlow road.

The “Dutch Houses” in Castle Hill Avenue and Brownlow Road are particularly pretty and distinctive thirties houses. Many have lovely large back gardens and attractive front gardens remain in most cases. They were built from about 1935 to 1939 when war broke out. Some are in virtually original condition even with their original non UPVC cottage windows; some have been tastefully altered; others greatly enlarged. There are two patterns, most of one type and two of another. The architect is not distinguished – his name was Bruce Burge and he lived at 4 Brownlow Road.[2]

Bruce Burge was last person to be buried in the Lower Cemetery on the terrace. A new stone was commissioned in 1993 by the Burge’s daughter, Dr. Jillian Jones, and niece and architect, Susie French to replace the existing stone. The stone is by sculptor Ralph Beyer (1921-2008), who carved ‘Tablet of Words’ at Basil Spence’s new Coventry Cathedral.

Bruce’s effects were valued at £122,493 when he died in 1992

[1] Newcastle journal – 6th August 1914

[2]Information from  Bruce Nixon 3rd August 2005.


Original stone to Rosemary (left) 1993 stone by Ralph Beyer (right)

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