The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Chapman, Charles William 1834 – 1900; Matilda 1835 – 1926

Grave Number Unmarked

Charles W. Chapman Hawkins, an illegitimate son of William Hawkins and Agnes Chapman, married Matilda Hopcroft Nash on the 4th December 1854. They had one son and seven daughters between 1855 and 1873.

In 1861 Charles and Matilda were living in the High Street with 3 daughters, Caroline age 6, and Jane and Sarah.  

In 1871 – Charles and Matilda were living in the High Street – he was described as being born at Boxmoor, Matilda at Oving in Bucks and by that time they had five children. Jane was described as a straw-plaiter

In 1881, they were living in Ravens Lane, and had 6 children (Jane, Sarah, William, Kate, Clara and Ada) living with them – William aged 18 was a ‘Benchman’ and Kate, aged 16 was a straw-plaiter.

In 1891, Charles and Matilda were living in Bridge Street, he was a sawyer (and described as such in all the census entries) and they had two daughters Jane, aged 34 and Clara aged 21, both dressmakers, still living with them, as well as their grandson, William North aged 9, born at Two Waters (Hemel). Next door to them lived their son William Chapman, aged 27, now described as a sawyer, with his wife and 3 sons.

Charles William is buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery but unfortunately there’s no headstone. We can pinpoint the plot where he is buried however – it is four rows in from the east wall, in the first extension to the original cemetery, 8 plots up from the transverse grass path at the bottom, between the headstones of Joseph Parker (963) and Harriet Waterton (962).

The Register records he was 67 when he died, living in the High Street; HC Curtis, the assistant curate at the time presided at his funeral. 

Matilda died 12 Feb 1926, aged 90, when she was living at 171 High Street. She was buried by EJ Anthony, the curate. It is highly likely she is buried in the same plot as Charles. 




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