The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Cook, Flora Jane and Caroline Anne

Grave Number 303

Flora Jane and Caroline Annie Cook, nieces of Margaret and Sarah Cook, lived in Ravens Lane/Manor Street all their lives

Caroline Anne Cook died 16 Aug. 1929. Flora Jane Cook died 22 Dec. 1947

Caroline and Flora’s mother (Caroline Miller) died when they were very young, they seem to have been brought up by their grandmother and aunts in Raven’s Lane. See Flora’s early life above.

In 1871 Caroline lived with her grandmother and aunts in Ravens Lane

In 1881 she was staying with her friend Louisa Harvey (a nurse)  in the High St

1n 1891 she lived with friend Louisa Harvey in Manor St, they let apartments

And in 1901

And in 1911 Caroline lived 13 Manor St with Louisa

Louisa died 1918 and is buried Plot 691. She left her money to Caroline

Caroline died 1929, left her money to sister Flora

Flora died 1947, left her money to Arthur Baker, probably a relative


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