The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Cook, Margaret and Sarah

Grave Number 4

Sisters of Charles Cook, son-in-law of Skinners (plot 167)

In 1841 they lived in Mill St with father George, a miller

In 1851 they lived in Water Lane with their father, a miller and farmer

In 1861 they lived in Raven’s Lane with their mother, and brother Frederick’s family

In 1871, again in Ravens Lane. Frederick had remarried and lived in Chipperfield, niece Caroline Annie lives with them

In 1881 they still live in Raven’s Lane, now with niece Flora.

Sarah died 1887 .  Margaret carried on living in Ravens Lane in 1891

1n 1901 at 28 Ravens Lane

And in 1911 with Flora

Margaret died July 1911 and is buried in Rectory Lane cemetery with her sister Sarah. Margaret left £797, Sarah left £44


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