The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Coralie Marie Crawley, nee Batchelor (1898 – 1934)

Grave Number 724

Coralie was the youngest of four children born to Joseph Batchelor and Annie Chester Batchelor.

She lived at Coldharbour Farm, Berkhamsted with her family, before marrying Allan Crawley in 1923.  

They lived together at Lower Farm, Bourne End (also known as Cuckoo Farm).  Their first son, Allan Chester Crawley was born in 1925 and their second son, Gerald Joseph Albert Crawley was born in 1930.  Sadly, Coralie contracted Tuberculosis and passed away in 1934.

Her son Allan Chester Crawley went to Bourne End Village School.  He contracted scarlet fever and died age 9, a year after his mother. 

Information from Val Crawley (Coralie was her grandmother, Allan would have been her uncle)

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