The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

John Greedy Snr and Jnr

Grave Number 106

John Greedy died 19th June 1857 aged 39 John Greedy son of the above died 14th February 1872 aged 23

John Greedy (senr)  and then his widow, ran the stationer’s shop (later T.W Bailey’s). They had come to the town from Somerset. (John Junr was born in Wellington). They published local postcards, for example of Berkhamsted Place in 1856 and printed Berkhamsted Castle: An Historical Reverie by J.R. Crawford, M.A, Master of Berkhamsted School.

‘The premises, thought to be about 300 years old, have been greatly altered, and at some period unknown an extra storey was added. A stationer’s business existed here in 1790 – Guy Abraham was the first proprietor – and from 1795-1840 it was owned by Joseph Hobbs, who was also pastor of the Baptist Church and a founder of Berkhamsted’s first Sunday School. From Hobbs the stationer’s passed to John Greedy, a printer, who in the days of expensive newspapers provided a reading room for his clients in what is now the composing room behind the shop. Anthony Slater succeeded Greedy in 1868, and in 1908 the business was acquired by the late Mr T.W. Bailey.’

Arthur Keyser in “Trifles and Travels” remembered that Mrs Greedy’s shop was recognised as “Church” in opposition to another stationer’s, which was “Nonconformist”. The same distinction “applied to all other retail establishments in the town, there being duplicates of each.’

When John Greedy, junr. died in 1872, he had Effects sworn under £100. By then he had moved to Leamington, Warks., and was working as a Draper’s Assistant.  Jane Slater (wife of Anthony Slater) of Great Berkhamsted, was the sole executrix (See 8)

This nicely shaped and engraved headstone was lying on the ground, jumbled with the fragments of the Rolph Memorial (104). Its base was uncovered and the headstone, once pinned back together, was re-united with it.

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