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Leading Seaman Reginald Charles Elliott, Royal Naval Reserve (1895 – 1916)

Grave Number 594

Reginald Elliott was born in Braughing, Hertfordshire on 20th July 1895. He was one of three children born to William Thomas and Harriett Elliott, but their only surviving son as his elder brother had died in infancy. William’s father was an ironmonger.

Reginald joined the Navy on 1st March 1911, his rank was ‘Boy 2nd ‘ and he was 16 years old. His naval records state that his conduct was very good and his ability was satisfactory. The records show he left the navy on 8th January 1913. The reason given was “Run”; a man who deserted was marked R or RUN. Sometime later, probably when war had broken out, Reginald joined the army. In 1915 the Navy received an application form from Reginald stating that he was now in the Army and wished to purchase his discharge, he was informed that he would need to apply via his Commanding Officer and that his case would be favourably considered.

On 9th June 1915, Reginald joined the Royal Naval Reserves. He gave his name as Reginald Newell, but with his correct date of birth, parents names and place of birth. Although his parents were still both alive and living in Berkhamsted he interestingly gave his next of kin as Mrs Hills who he claimed was his sister. Mrs Hills’ maiden name was Georgina May Newell and she had lived as a boarder with Reginald and his family in 1901. Reginald served on board a number of ships, his last being HMS Royal Scot. The ship landed at Lerwick and Reginald was described as being severely injured. The injury occurred to his leg when a steel hawser which he was working on snapped. He was taken to hospital but died from shock following amputation in hospital.

Leading Seaman Reginald Charles Elliott died on 20th October 1916 at the age of 21. He was buried on 26 October 1916. His parents lived at 29 Victoria Road.

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