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Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Martha Mary (1825 – 1890), John Groves (d.1908) and Esther Leach (1860 – 1954)

Grave Number 92

Martha Mary Groves wife of John Groves of Dulwich 7th July 1825- 28th January 1890, Also John Groves died at Worthing 21st October 1908 aged 87. Esther Leach daughter of the above 6 June 1860 – 10th October 1954 aged 94

None of the three persons buried in this grave appear to have lived in Berkhamsted. Martha Mary is buried here because her parents (George Baster and Mary Spurling) lived there. Her husband, John Groves from Dulwich/Worthing joins her because she is buried there. Their daughter Esther Leach chooses to be buried with her parents in 1954, exactly 100 years after her grandmother died. 

Martha’s parents, George Baster (1790 b. Marlow, Bucks, d. 1873 aged 83) and Mary Spurling (1796-1854) created the link with Berkhamsted as she died on 30 January 1854 in Berkhamsted at the age of 58, and is buried in Plot 128, and George Baster, her husband, died 18th Sept 1873 in the town (aged 83), being buried in the same plot.

In 1861 George is living in Castle Street, a Saddler Master, with Julia Ashby, reputedly aged 58. In 1871, George is living as retired Harness Maker in Castle Street, with Julia Ashby, who is described by now as a Domestic Servant aged 75!

Martha Mary Baster had been born 7 July 1825 in Bromley, Kent. A brother and sister of Martha Mary are also buried in the Cemetery with their parents.

She married John Groves on 9 May 1844. They had 7 known children in 20 years, between 1851 and 1871. John Groves was an engineer. In 1881 and 1891 he was living at Camberwell, but by 1901 had moved to Lancashire to live with his son John.

The headstone had gradually toppled and was almost lying flat on the ground.  This is one of the 19 memorials which was restored in 2018.

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