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Mary Ann Kibble, William Kibble, Edna Kibble

Grave Number 981

There are three members of the Kibble family buried, in one grave (Plot 981) at Rectory Lane Cemetery: Mary Ann Kibble, died 28th February 1936, aged 87; William Kibble, died 21st July 1923 aged 76; Edna, daughter of the above, died 25th May 1922 aged 38

Don Kibble, grandson of Edna (see below) who still resides at 37 Victoria Road, Berkhamsted, kindly provided information on the family in August 2016  – particularly interesting were bills from HG Matthews for the burials, and one from the Chapel Street stone masons.

Mary Ann and William Kibble are the first of the Kibble family to appear in Berkhamsted.  As the Census shows, they  were still in Stewkley (William’s birthplace) in 1876/7 but were in Berkhamsted temporarily in 1879, then in Kentish town in c 1882, before settling in Highfield Street c.1884 and staying there as a married couple to the ends of their respective lives. Mary Ann gave birth to 13 children, 10 of which were still alive in 1911.

In 1891 they are in Highfield Road, he aged 43 and a general labourer, she aged 42 with 7 children: John aged 14, born Stewkley; Louisa, 12 b. Berkhamsted;  Florence, 9, b. Middlesex, Kentish town; Edna aged 7, b. Berkhamsted, and Annie (5), William (3), and Elizabeth (1) – all born in Berkhamsted.  His birthplace is Stewkley (as 1911), but hers is Ivinghoe (Horton in 1911). John is a General Labourer, all the other children are scholars.

Mary Kibble

In 1893, Emily Kibble of Highfield Road was buried aged 4 months on 24th March by the Assist Curate TM Burnett (Register transcript 1866-1905)

In 1903, Life Assurance was taken out with the Refuge Assurance on William Kibble, Labourer, then aged 16 years, for £4.13.6 by Mary Ann Kibble of Highfield Road

In 1911, the family are recorded as living at 47 Highfield Road, with 5 rooms – (assumed to be kitchen, living room, 3 beds):

  • William Kibble, Head, aged 64 m General Labourer, b. Stewkley, Bucks
  • Mary Ann Kibble, Wife aged 62, m.  43 years married, a total of 13 children born alive, 10 still living, 3 died. Born at Horton, Bucks
  • Edna Kibble, d. age 28 Single, b. Berkhamsted
  • William Kibble, son age 23 single, Bricklayer, Berkhamsted
  • Lenard (sic) Kibble, grandson age 2 b. Berkhamsted
  • Donald Kibble, grandson, age 6 mon, Berkhamsted
  • Annie Warren, daughter, age 26 Married, clothing factory hand, Berkhamsted
  • Norman Warren, Grandson, age 5, Berkhamsted

The Census entry was (curiously) filled in by Elizabeth Kibble of 47 Highfield , yet she is not included on the form?

Last Will of Mary Ann Kibble 28th September 1923  M.A is illiterate

All real and personal estate to daughter Elizabeth Kibble absolutely. ‘it being my wish that she should care and provide a home for my two grandsons Leonard Kibble and Donald Kibble she sole executrix


Edward Baker, Clerk to Messrs Penny & Son, Solicitors

Florence Baker, 20 Swing Gate Lane, wife of Edward Baker


Mary Kibble was living at 21 Highfield Road (but see below) in September 1936.  In this month, two lapsed policies under the Refuge Assurance Company Ltd became free paid-up policies, one for £2.9.0, the other for £2.17.0, both on the life of William Kibble (who had passed in July 1923)

Mary Ann’s burial 1936 47 Highfield Road buried 2 March 1936 aged 86 by RJ May

Mary Ann Kibble’s Funeral

In February 1936, H & J Matthews, Funeral Directors (Motor & Horse Hearses) (Cremations and Embalming) Sent a bill to the executors:

Funeral of the late Mary Ann Kibble

Feb 28th: Elm coffin with Capping & plinth polished trimmed with Brass furniture.     Nameplate with Inscription & lid ornaments lined with Swansdown Side sheets & pillow.

Paid men as Bearers & attendance   Hire of wheeled Bier       Hire of 3 Funeral Cars      Paid Grave & Burial Fees at Berkhamsted

Total £13.3.0d                           Wright on stamp pd Mar 7th 1936


Mrs Holliday – 23rd September 1936

Dr to F. Martin & Son (The National Association of Master Monumental Masons)

Estimates & Designs forwarded on application

Monumental, Cemetery & General Masons

Chapel Street, Berkhamsted

Monumental work executed and reinstated in the best manner

To Marble Memorial Head-piece & Kerbing to approved design fixed complete in Cemetery, including inscriptions cut & Leaded to the late M.A & W. Kibble, and Rector’s and Sexton’s Fees for erection        £18.0.0

To Marble Vase and Container £1.2.6

Total £19.2.6

The combined cost of the funeral and providing a headstone for Mary was therefore £32 5sh 6d – a considerable sum


William Kibble

Register transcripts 1906-43

William Kibble of 49? Highfield Street, buried 24 July 1923 aged 76 by L. Sunderland, Rector (vicar of Sunnyside)

Bill from H & J Matthews Ltd to Mrs W. Kibble July 1923

Builders, Contractors & Undertakers

July 21st 1923. To preparing Elm-coffin with capping & plinth polished, trimmed with brass furniture & name plate with Inscription & lid ornaments, lined with Swansdown side-sheets and pillows     £6.10sh

Paid 3 men as Bearers & attendance £2.5sh

Hire of Wheeled Bier 7sh 6d

Paid grave & burial fees at Berkhamsted & turfing grave   £1.7.6

                                                            Total £10.10sh

R.P Bull Received on Stamp

Note that this bill breaks the costs down more fully – the cost of the Bier is 7/6d.        No car used for this one


Edna Kibble

Edna b. c 1883     She gave birth in 1910 to Donald, an illegitimate child (and Don’s father)

Birth Certificate of 7th Sept 1910

47 Highfield Rd


Mother: Edna Kibble of 47 Highfield Road

Registered 4th Oct 1910

Thomas Edward Penny – Superintendant Registrar

Don (Dibble) Kibble apprenticed to Joeby Mead, who worked for the Gas board (the workshop to their show room was located in Cowper Road) as a gas fitter (Photos of Home Guard?) . See Gaius Potton, The Modern History of Berkhamsted Golf Club)

Edna Kibble buried 1922 of 47 Highfield Road, aged 38 by EJ Anthony asst curate (Register transcript 1906-43)



Bill from H & J Matthews to Mrs Kibble

Builders, Contractors & Undertakers


To funeral of the Late Miss Edna Kibble


May 25.

Elm coffin with capping & plinth polished trimmed with brass furniture, name plate with inscription & lid ornaments lined with swansdown side sheets & pillow

Paid 4 men as bearers & attendance

Hire of wheeled bier

Paid Grave & Burial fees at Berkhamsted & turfing grave

Total £10.7.6

Pd June 6th 1922


Elizabeth Kibble

Elizabeth made the connection with the Holliday family – also living in Highfield Road – by marrying Charles in 1936, when she was 46. Charles had fought in WW1.

See Will of Mary Ann (her mother)

Copy Birth Certificate (15th February1949)

27th November 1889, Highfield Road


Father William Kibble, General Labourer

Mother Mary Ann Kibble (formerly Row), of Highfield road

Registered 4th Jan 1890

S?C Redding Superintendant Registrar


Elizabeth married Charles Holliday

25th April 1936

Charles Holliday, aged 49, bachelor, labourer of 21 Highfield Road – Father Alfred (deceased),carpenter

Elizabeth Kibble aged 46, spinster, of 47 Highfield Road, father William Kibble (deceased), Labourer.

Both signed in presence of Albert Worby (?) and Dous(?) Gates by Curate Robert J.M May.



Birth Certificate

Charles Holliday

  1. 28th May 1886 @ The Wilderness, Berkhamsted

Father: Alfred Holliday, Shovel Maker of the Wilderness

Mother: Ruth Holliday, formerly Capell

Birth registers 26th June.

George Loosley – Superintendant Registrar


Bill from H & J Matthews Ltd (as above)

January 1935

Funeral of the late Ruth Holliday (no headstone in RLC?)

Jan 8th: Elm Coffin – with capping & plinth polished trimmed with Brass furniture, nameplate with Inscription & lid ornaments lined with Swansdown, side sheets and pillow. Paid men as Bearers & attendance

Hire of wheeled bier

Hire of 2 funeral cars

Paid Grave & Burial Fees at Berkhamsted

Total £12.7.6

B.Wright on Stamp


Packet of docs relating to

  1. Charles Holliday WW1 –demob & photo?. ‘A reliable and industrious man who has done good work while serving with this unit’
  2. Don Kibble WW2 – Release Book


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