The Friends of St. Peter's Berkhamsted

Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Private Ernest Evans (1896 – 1921)

Grave Number 831

Ernest Evans was born in Berkhamsted in 1896. He was the youngest son of William and Susan, who had seven children. The family lived at 6 Park Street and William was a Nursery Gardener. By the age of 14, Ernest had left school and was working as an errand boy. He signed up in 1915 and served nearly all his time before the Armistice in France. The only major illness he received was as a result of being gassed.

After the Armistice, Ernest was demobilised but re-joined for another 4 years serving with the 1st Beds and Herts Battalion and was posted to Ireland.

He had been there about 18 months when he was accidently shot by one of his comrades during the changing of the guard on duty in a village near Sligo. He died there on 10th June 1921 and was 24 years old. He was very well known in Berkhamsted and received a full Military funeral.

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