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Friends of St Peter's, Great Berkhamsted

Tree works – what’s happening in 2019?

2 November 2018

Open the Tree Works Q&A document

Next year is Phase Two of the Project: the focus being trees and landscaping. Diseased and damaged trees, as well as those causing damage to walls and graves, will make way for new stock that is being planned to bring more native flowering species and a greater variety of colour throughout the year.  A more detailed Question & Answer document is available to download on this page but in summary:

  • Wildlife is taken into consideration
  • Neighbours’ needs, and views have been sought and incorporated
  • The replacement planting will enable a Garden of Remembrance to be built which will be a a focal point and help the project to be self-sustaining by attracting an ongoing income from Memorials (now that the site is closed for burials).
  • This is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity – using the National Lottery Funds to catch up on a back-log of work needed and also to plan and plant for the future.

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